The All-in-one Platform for Developing RCS

Top RCS messaging platform, builds your integrable, customizable and rapid-deployable Chatbot, then sends rich media messages to your audience

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Manage all processes in one place

Easily create your RCS messages

A collection of templates help you create 5G messages with pictures, audios, videos, interactive cards, floating menus, action buttons and more. All the processes are visible and easy-to-use.

Customize Chatbot to your audience and brand

Set up your Chatbot using different components, workflows and scenes. Chatbot will then choose who it speaks to and how it answers based on your needs.

Track and understand more about your RCS messages

Get a complete picture of every audience, including viewing activities, menu clicks, replies and more. Then filter and target audience by their behaviors to improve your RCS performance.

More ways to use RCS

We are adding new tools into our RCS platform, it’s more powerful and flexible. So join this fast-growing community and unlock your potentials in RCS 5G messaging and Chatbot.


Which methods and algorithms stand behind our platform?

High availability, high quality, high stability

Handles traffic overload and sends numerous messages at the same time. The success rate of sending message is 99.99%.

High compatibility

Compatible with multiple operator networks, RCS servers and Android versions.

Flexible deployment capabilities

Supports public cloud and private cloud. The deployment is highly customizable for industry needs.

Why Choose Juphoon RCS.DEV?

Manage RCS messaging in one-stop

Powerful RCS components, such as SDK Native, App, Chatbot, and more, ensure that your content reaches the right people in the right ways.

Connect with multiple operators in one platform

As RCS.DEV is the RCS service provider recommended by T-Mobile and more, it is easy to connect your RCS with a number of mobile operators worldwide.

Create privatized RCS messaging

Deploy RCS services to enterprise private servers based on industry requirements, and get flexible deployment solutions.


  • FaceMe
  • Games on JusTalk
  • TAYA Modeling
  • Bank
  • E-commerce
  • Smart City

Juphoon RCS.DEV combining with image recognition engine and AI capacities, user could upload their face photos and receive skin quality report. According to the report, a series of skin care products will be recommended through RCS messages in the form of cards, and user can access to purchasing service.

Start a game and compete with players worldwide using an RCS message! No app download required! If users love this game, yes, they will download the full game and buy add-ons.

With Chatbot, making a hairdress appointment becomes much easy. Customers may choose hairdress styles, hairdressers and time in one stop. It’s also very convenient to manage appointment, check status, receive reminders.

Sometimes users do not like to download a new bank apps. To deal with this, banks use RCS messages to achieve most app functions right in a more accessible and interactive ways. What’s more, wider customer coverage and higher conversion rate becomes a reality.

RCS messaging can reach all customers, promote new activities, wake up sleeping customers, increase repurchase, and greatly increase user stickiness.

Smart City needs smart technologies. RCS messages provide more efficient services in garbage classification, epidemic prevention, weather warning, transportation, urban summits, administrative services, public utilities, urban construction, etc.

Develop your RCS messages in 3 simple steps

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Customize Chatbot
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