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Telecommunication Companies

We provided our RCSService module for Xiaomi and OPPO, who then integrated it with their own RCS products to pass Google’s 1.0 certification successfully.

Mobile Operators

With Juphoon's RCS SDK solutions, mobile operators can create, develop and launch enhanced IP messaging and voice/video calls on their network, then deliver the latest RCS features to subscribers. This solution is used in Fetion, an app of the world's largest mobile operator China Mobile.


As a GSMA UP 2.0 accredited RCS service provider, Juphoon is able to provide RCS solutions that meets industrial specifications for telecommunication companies around the world.

Assisted by Juphoon, Wellstec and Takumi Japan Corp. passed the Reqs-LTE-Rich-Communication-Services project of Verizon, successfully shipping telecommunication devices to North America in September 2020.