Juphoon Achieved Successful Case of Getting RCS Retailer License for Verizon

July 12th, 2021

Find out how Juphoon achieved mobile RCS successful delivery of North America.

Wellstec is a global electronic technology service provider, whose mobile communication equipment has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions, including North America, India, Thailand, Mexico, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and etc.

Despite changes in styles and silhouettes and other product design trends, at its core, the fashion apparel and luxury industry has remained pretty much the same. It’s an industry anchored by a straightforward and creative process: designing and then selling apparel and accessories that appeal to a consumer.

As the largest integrated communication (RCS) solution provider in China, Juphoon has always been in a leading position in the industry. Juphoon is the only RCS service provider certified by GSMA UP 2.0 in China. Based on this, Juphoon is capable of providing RCS warehousing solutions that meet the standards for mobile phone manufacturers around the world. At the same time, Juphoon is also the RCS service provider recommended by overseas operators (T-Mobile) list and assisted Xiaomi and Oppo to pass Google CTS and GTS certification in 2019.

Juphoon has established strategic cooperative relations with many mobile phone manufacturers. At the same time, as the official supplier of RCS SDK of China Mobile, Juphoon has assisted many mobile phone manufacturers to carry out RCS storage of China Mobile mobile convergence communication. Juphoon has integrated RCS Native SDK in the Mobile phone with Qualcomm chip and used T-Mobile card in China. He has successfully tested the basic functions of the current network directly, including 1-1 session, file transfer, geolocation push, and other services. In addition to mobile phone manufacturers, Juphoon also provides RCS solutions for OEMs, chip companies, operating system companies, etc.

As the leading integrated communication RCS solution provider in China, Juphoon provides RCS SDK development kit and technical support services to global operators, mobile device manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers, chip companies, and operating system companies to help quickly complete application development based on RCS specification.

The successful implementation of the North American operator Verizon RCS storage by Juphoon and Wellstec marks a new level of applicability of Juphoon RCS solutions at home and abroad. Juphoon is also committed to providing RCS solutions to meet the needs of major operators around the world.

In addition, Juphoon RCS.DEV has also been launched recently. As a one-stop RCS messaging platform, it provides rapid development, integration, and personalized service deployment capabilities of Chatbot. It is committed to bringing users new communication services such as multimedia messaging, commercial messaging, intelligent messaging, and interactive services.

As one of the partners of ecological RCS project, Juphoon will also further advantage of the company's technology research and development for the global operators, handset manufacturers, OEM, chip company, operating system, and industry users. Conforming to the requirements of RCS solutions, Juphoon improves the application of service level, satisfies users worldwide with the highest level of rich media news, and builds a new RCS ecosystem with more partners.