Building Messaging Apps Just Got Easier with RCS SDK

July 16th, 2021

"How can RCS get integrated into our app?" seems to be the question for every messaging app developer. With RCS is being widely used worldwide, integrated in-app RCS chat experiences have become a must-have for any mobile operator, OEM, and devloper. Bringing RCS features to your messaging app is much easier than ever with powerful RCS SDK that enables users to get connected with the future of messaging.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a protocol between mobile operators and phones. It aims to replace SMS and brings features such as read receipts, multimedia capabilities, and Chatbot to everyday messaging. As an infrastrature in the RCS ecosystem, RCS SDK plays an essential role that defines and implements technical issues for developers.

What is RCS SDK?

RCS Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of software development tools in one package by which a developer can build their own RCS applications and products and get benefits from various RCS functions. It can be a bridge that connects servers and clients and transform complex communication protocols into easy and versatile APIs. With RCS SDK, developers only need to pay attention to interaction and implementation rather than the complex differences between different mobile operators and different platforms.

What are the features of RCS SDK?

The main features of RCS SDK include RCS functions (auto configuration, instant messaging, file transfer, etc), RCS Business Messaging (content sharing, general message storage), and multimedia processing (RCS voice call, RCS video call).


-Auto configuration: Obtain clients' URI in the IMS core network and other IMS core network information. Reduce user involvement and improving RCS service.

-Instant Messaging: Support 1 to 1 dialogue (Large Mode, Page Mode, Session Mode) and group chat based on OMA SIMPLE IM and CPM. Support delivery status prompts, "typing...” prompts, offline messages, store and forward.

-Information Presentation: Provide the users' personal information for his/her friends, such as profile picture, status, geographic location, and capability of detecting messages

-File Transfer: Users can start file transfer in the current session interface, which can also be started directly from contacts details.

-Geo-Location Service: Support "Geolocation PUSH" to push geographic location information, and "Geo-location PULL" to get list user's RCS geographic location information.

-Content Sharing: Support "Geolocation PUSH" to send geographic location information, and "Geo-location PULL" to get list user's RCS geographic location information.

-General Message Storage: Achieve message network backup and recovery, multi-terminal message synchronization, and network message collection.

RCS Business Messaging

-Chatbot: Chatbot has access to the MaaP platforms of various operators, helping customers and users realize the interaction of different message types such as text, picture, voice, and video, forming an online and offline interactive marketing model of entire industries and improving click-through rate and ROI.

-MaaP terminal: Message as a Platform conforms to the GSMA RCS UP specification, supports the access to MaaP environment, and the analysis and presentation of various Chatbot messages.

Multimedia Processing

-RCS Voice Call: Support VoLTE/VoHSPA as defined in [PRD-IR.92] and [PRD-IR.58]. Codecs like G.711, G.722, G.729, AMR- NB/WB, Opus, iLBC are supported.

-RCS Video Call: Based on [PRD-IR.94], it provides premium IP video calls among RCS users with synchronization between the audio and video streams. Codecs like H.264, VP8, H.263 are supported.

Applications that embed RCS SDK can take advantage of features that allow developers to create engaging apps not available on traditional SMS. For example, instead of SMS being used for simple communication, RCS could include images and videos within the body of your messages will be more engaging for the recipient.

Let's get started

Haven't build an RCS application before? No problem, here are the perfect Getting Started Guide with API and SDK references for developers. You can learn more about RCS SDK and create an app that has powerful RCS features. All we do is a good API and SDK to plug full RCS functionalities directly into your apps and systems. We can't wait to see what you build with RCS SDK.